The secret to superb mobiles

A rethink provides the best outcome for users and Alltek’s production. In supplying classroom, hospitality, and healthcare furniture for 30 years it is no surprise we have introduced some big improvements in design during this time. Improvement is usually for the betterment of our customers and the end users, but sometimes we can also improve our own manufacturing process. Our desire in this instance was … Continue reading The secret to superb mobiles

Tried & tested – Proof our outdoor range outlasts the others

If you’re fed up repairing and maintaining furniture only to end up having to replace it after a just a few years. look no further!!!! Do you have annual maintenance repairs, sanding timber slats, repainting park benches, and having to put them back together time and again, year after year?        Outlast the others……… can you afford to keep buying second best? It’s … Continue reading Tried & tested – Proof our outdoor range outlasts the others

Ask for Alltek

In a recent conversation with the Australasian Furnishing Association, the Local Jobs First policy was referenced due to its significance in Govt funded procurement at Australian state schools. More than ever it is imperative to support Australian manufacturers. Decision-makers can make a monumental difference, they can literally shape the future!      Economic growth, traineeships and jobs all depend on sales. So we are striving for … Continue reading Ask for Alltek

Alltek is All In!!!!!

In creating new products for existing customers and for new clients everything starts with a concept. This is followed by design and materials, considering the fit for purpose & risks in operation or usage, then delivery, installation and application. Production parameters can be worked through by making a prototype of a product, which we highly recommend. We are confident and willing we can make anything! … Continue reading Alltek is All In!!!!!

Skateboard and Scooter storage at schools

The good old days of students having the freedom to travel between home and school of their own means is forcing schools to provide clever storage solutions to suit the mode of transport. Skateboards, bikes, scooters & electric scooters plus the helmets need DESIGNATED STORAGE spaces to avoid turning all these things into trip hazards and maintain order.   These new wall-mounted helmet hooks and … Continue reading Skateboard and Scooter storage at schools

Reduced transport is a win for our environment

Alltek is always seeking to improve our ESG output. By packaging our tables for onsite assembly we reduce the space they require in transport. Shown in this post is the size of these outdoor table settings, they seat 12 around them pretty comfortably. But when they are delivered to our customers we are limited to very large transport options. Cleverly we have designed a ‘click … Continue reading Reduced transport is a win for our environment