When we do tailored to suit, the results are customised to perfection

Being a local producer means exactly that, we can supply schools with the run of the mill tables and chairs until the cows come home, but the difference is sometimes how Alltek can turn around a table frame and top to meet the client’s vision. It might be matching an older item to a new one, or something from a magazine or just an idea … Continue reading When we do tailored to suit, the results are customised to perfection

Freedom From Frightening Freight Forecasts – Make Local

Is it daily that container rates increase? Driving landed costs of imported goods higher, knocking on local input prices? The source of this surge varies depending on who you ask. From post-covid stimulus in America, to geopolitics, to underinvestment in shipping there are many causes. you can read some opinions here: AFR – ‘Unprecedented times’ for ocean freight as fees soar Stockhead – ‘UNPRECEDENTED’: The … Continue reading Freedom From Frightening Freight Forecasts – Make Local

Custom benches

Heavy-duty steel framed benches, tops and locking castor wheels – set off in a bright powder coat yellow. At Alltek we have the ability to customize tables for our clients, made right here in Melbourne using locally sourced materials and inputs, our clients have lower wait times, better design, superior construction and lower the impact on the environment by coming to a local Australian company. … Continue reading Custom benches

Fence and gates

School fencing and gates are frequently requested with safety and security an increasing concern. At Alltek we have developed specialised fence panels that look great and last a long long time. On top of this we can adjust heights to account for curbs, tree roots and gutters on the ground – maintaining a neat clean line on the floor, keeping out dogs and animals and … Continue reading Fence and gates

Moving With The Times

From-Hallam To Hallam The 15th of June 2020 was our completion date for moving from Hallam to … drum roll … Hallam. Alltek industries announces the successful move to a customised manufacturing facility and head office. And we invite all our partners, suppliers and customers to visit the site, where we would like to showcase local manufacturing and capabilities – and meet the people who make … Continue reading Moving With The Times