Fence and gates

School fencing and gates are frequently requested with safety and security an increasing concern. At Alltek we have developed specialised fence panels that look great and last a long long time. On top of this we can adjust heights to account for curbs, tree roots and gutters on the ground – maintaining a neat clean line on the floor, keeping out dogs and animals and … Continue reading Fence and gates

Primary school bagholders

Everyone is always looking for more storage, and today we are seeing a move away from traditional bag hooks for primary students to a locker type space for their bags to stow during the day. Alltek have supplied hundreds of large secondary school lockers which have steel frames and padlock access. But we also supply office fit-out for commercial use, businesses, school staff rooms and … Continue reading Primary school bagholders

Box seating and benches for reclaimed space

This garden was converted into additional lunch and recess breaks time for the students in the summer months, being shaded by buildings. Alltek fitting the space with stairs and seating. Inground steel frames with modwood planks to finish off the design, is simple, but will get lot’s of use. Modwood is made in Australia using recycled milk bottles then mixed with pine resin to produce … Continue reading Box seating and benches for reclaimed space

Sports field bleachers

Tasked with helping the school to increase viewing for parents and students alongside their athletics field, Alltek created a low bleacher seat and some basic raised boxes. All with steel framework and modwood planks to ensure longevity and low maintenance – but also safety for those using the bleachers and this also gives the school an environmental consideration. As this was made in Australia and … Continue reading Sports field bleachers

Spring is in the air

With the last days of winter nearing, schools are starting to prepare for outdoor activities for the returning students and the summer months. The Alltek outdoor setting is proving popular again as we see large orders coming in for this wonderful one-piece item. Fitted with Modwood panels to ensure long-maintenance free life, the galvanized frame made in Melbourne. Modwood is made in Australia using recycled … Continue reading Spring is in the air

Farewell Graham

In July, Graham Hinton retired after 25 years with Alltek Industries. Graham was a partner in the business until recently and will be sadly missed by all our clients and all the staff, most of which he helped train and has known for many years. His work ethic has been incredible, his ability and know-how around the production and fabrication, the machinery, tools and general … Continue reading Farewell Graham