Alltek in action

With a number of machines at our disposal, we are able to cut steel RHS, pipe and plate, we can bend steel and shape it, drill it and weld it. Our equipment is specially manufactured and installed for this operation and process. With ceiling cranes we can safely unload large quantities in long lengths before beginning the process. This heavy-duty pedestal table leg is constructed … Continue reading Alltek in action

Reduced transport is a win for our environment

Alltek is always seeking to improve our ESG output. By packaging our tables for onsite assembly we reduce the space they require in transport. Shown in this post is the size of these outdoor table settings, they seat 12 around them pretty comfortably. But when they are delivered to our customers we are limited to very large transport options. Cleverly we have designed a ‘click … Continue reading Reduced transport is a win for our environment

Parks Vic new recycled plastic picnic setting is a hit

Alltek ‘made’ steel frame Alpine setting coupled with Replas recycled profiles replaced the traditional timber, often imported products in a first for Parks Victoria. As the move to increase sustainability in all aspects gathers further momentum picnic settings are used throughout public open spaces and camping grounds for families and friends to gather. This Parks Vic Urban Parks Active Wellbeing programme includes 21 sites around … Continue reading Parks Vic new recycled plastic picnic setting is a hit

Replas bench on a budget

Alltek continues to strengthen our partnership with Replas, and in doing so highlight the appeal of sustainable and environmentally friendly outdoor furniture. Alltek has developed a number of customised furniture items using Replas along with expanding the Replas contemporary range of products that prove to be very popular with schools and communities. A number of larger picnic settings and tables have taken the limelight recently … Continue reading Replas bench on a budget

Versatility in education starts with the furniture

Classrooms need to be fit for purpose depending on the activity and subject. Science benches are a prime example, just like kindergarten height tables or chairs for the little ones won’t suit everyone. Today, many educators wish to shift rooms to suit different applications. Dividing a classroom into groups of six for team projects or splitting the class into two for breakout sessions means tables … Continue reading Versatility in education starts with the furniture

Direct installation – Staffroom Refit

A South Yarra Kindergarten asked Alltek to redesign and refurbish their growing staff room, which was also part of the staff office and workspaces, plus the teachers meeting and lunch room, see before images…. Alltek provided the redesign, increasing the wrap-around built-in desk space for six, moved the secure cupboards to wall hung spaces and provided new bar height mobile tables with comfortable upholstered seating … Continue reading Direct installation – Staffroom Refit

Direct Installation – Reception & staff office

It’s not always the students who wear out their classroom furniture………. every so often the teaching and office staff need a new look. Alltek can facilitate, design, supply and install through our ‘direct service’ and even help with small building projects. With nearly 30 years of experience in the education sector, we have run up hundreds of installation projects, where schools have needed works and … Continue reading Direct Installation – Reception & staff office

Landscape takes shape with REPLAS sheeting

A landfill site in Melbourne’s east evolves after Alltek and Replas collaboration. In screening the landfill protrusions on this relatively bland parcel of land, the flattened landscape now has eye-catching native designs on screens forming encasement cylinders. The screens are produced from 98% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled plastics made in Melbourne with Victorian waste collected by CleanAway. With today’s technology in recycling and changes to … Continue reading Landscape takes shape with REPLAS sheeting

Bespoke built-in bench seat replaces a relic on Court One

As part of a wonderful grounds upgrade project, Alltek was tasked with replacing the courtside seating at a Melbourne sports institution. This includes a fixed wall hung bench that presides over show court No.1. The existing seat was anchored into the huge retaining wall with a rotting timber slat seat and rusted steel frame that has been there for 50+ years. In order to maintain … Continue reading Bespoke built-in bench seat replaces a relic on Court One

Custom science benches

Custom science benches with locking castor wheels on all legs and compact laminate tops sets them apart and matches the white powder coating for the full lab effect! Designed and fully manufactured in our Melbourne factory using all local inputs and services. Call Alltek for information on customised tables and benches for your needs, there really are no limits or boundaries. We have inhouse design … Continue reading Custom science benches