Sustainable changeroom seating bench

Changeroom bench seating made with recycled plastics #replas in place of timber slats or composite products makes a winning debut at regional footy ground facility. As always Alltek creates show drawings and 3D visualisations for the customer to inspect prior to production. In this instance we have two variations of the seat, one is wall-hung only, and the other has twin legs and adjustable glides … Continue reading Sustainable changeroom seating bench

Alltek makes a sustainability difference

Alltek seeks to reduce the environmental impact of our day-to-day operations. Between the busy factory, office and freight movement smarts we’re altering small habits, making a big difference. In attending the Australian Furniture Associate (AFA) Sustainable Procurement workshop day in August we (as an industry) demonstrated the improvements that can be introduced and the benefits we as Australian manufacturers are currently achieving. More here from AFA … Continue reading Alltek makes a sustainability difference

The secret to superb mobiles

A rethink provides the best outcome for users and Alltek’s production. In supplying classroom, hospitality, and healthcare furniture for 30 years it is no surprise we have introduced some big improvements in design during this time. Improvement is usually for the betterment of our customers and the end users, but sometimes we can also improve our own manufacturing process. Our desire in this instance was … Continue reading The secret to superb mobiles

Ask for Alltek

In a recent conversation with the Australasian Furnishing Association, the Local Jobs First policy was referenced due to its significance in Govt funded procurement at Australian state schools. More than ever it is imperative to support Australian manufacturers. Decision-makers can make a monumental difference, they can literally shape the future!      Economic growth, traineeships and jobs all depend on sales. So we are striving for … Continue reading Ask for Alltek

Alltek is All In!!!!!

In creating new products for existing customers and for new clients everything starts with a concept. This is followed by design and materials, considering the fit for purpose & risks in operation or usage, then delivery, installation and application. Production parameters can be worked through by making a prototype of a product, which we highly recommend. We are confident and willing we can make anything! … Continue reading Alltek is All In!!!!!

Parks Vic new recycled plastic picnic setting is a hit

Alltek ‘made’ steel frame Alpine setting coupled with Replas recycled profiles replaced the traditional timber, often imported products in a first for Parks Victoria. As the move to increase sustainability in all aspects gathers further momentum picnic settings are used throughout public open spaces and camping grounds for families and friends to gather. This Parks Vic Urban Parks Active Wellbeing programme includes 21 sites around … Continue reading Parks Vic new recycled plastic picnic setting is a hit

Landscape takes shape with REPLAS sheeting

A landfill site in Melbourne’s east evolves after Alltek and Replas collaboration. In screening the landfill protrusions on this relatively bland parcel of land, the flattened landscape now has eye-catching native designs on screens forming encasement cylinders. The screens are produced from 98% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled plastics made in Melbourne with Victorian waste collected by CleanAway. With today’s technology in recycling and changes to … Continue reading Landscape takes shape with REPLAS sheeting