Alltek is All In!!!!!

In creating new products for existing customers and for new clients everything starts with a concept. This is followed by design and materials, considering the fit for purpose & risks in operation or usage, then delivery, installation and application. Production parameters can be worked through by making a prototype of a product, which we highly recommend. We are confident and willing we can make anything! … Continue reading Alltek is All In!!!!!

Reduced transport is a win for our environment

Alltek is always seeking to improve our ESG output. By packaging our tables for onsite assembly we reduce the space they require in transport. Shown in this post is the size of these outdoor table settings, they seat 12 around them pretty comfortably. But when they are delivered to our customers we are limited to very large transport options. Cleverly we have designed a ‘click … Continue reading Reduced transport is a win for our environment

Meet the Meeting-Pod

Meeting Pods are becoming more commonplace in offices, schools and public spaces, offering a quiet private place for a handful of colleagues to sit down around a little desk in comfort without the need for a full-scale room or door. The Alltek Meeting-Pod is 1.5m high with room for four. Made in Melbourne, the pod breaks into two pieces for easy installation and if needed … Continue reading Meet the Meeting-Pod

Parks Vic new recycled plastic picnic setting is a hit

Alltek ‘made’ steel frame Alpine setting coupled with Replas recycled profiles replaced the traditional timber, often imported products in a first for Parks Victoria. As the move to increase sustainability in all aspects gathers further momentum picnic settings are used throughout public open spaces and camping grounds for families and friends to gather. This Parks Vic Urban Parks Active Wellbeing programme includes 21 sites around … Continue reading Parks Vic new recycled plastic picnic setting is a hit

Storage solutions for offices, schools and library fitout

Alltek can also help with storage for an office or school. As workplaces evolve and grow, shelving and cabinetry does too. Often to stay in keeping with existing new furniture. Alltek manufactures student lockers in various banks and sizes with steel frames to ensure security and longevity     Alltek can make onsite visits to measure up spaces and discuss options, plus deliver and install … Continue reading Storage solutions for offices, schools and library fitout

Kindergarten furniture

Our capabilities at Alltek cover all furniture manufacture in particular education, which ranges from classroom, teacher desks, library, science lab specialist benches, outdoor furniture and seating, reception and staff rooms, art rooms and whiteboard writeable tables, we make woodwork benches, storage, exam tables, stackable chairs and for the little ones bright coloured in all shapes and sizes. This bullnose child-friendly tabletop is ideal for smaller … Continue reading Kindergarten furniture

Bespoke built-in bench seat replaces a relic on Court One

As part of a wonderful grounds upgrade project, Alltek was tasked with replacing the courtside seating at a Melbourne sports institution. This includes a fixed wall hung bench that presides over show court No.1. The existing seat was anchored into the huge retaining wall with a rotting timber slat seat and rusted steel frame that has been there for 50+ years. In order to maintain … Continue reading Bespoke built-in bench seat replaces a relic on Court One

Spring Into The Outdoors

A Melbourne suburban high school takes delivery of the Alltek Outdoor setting. Students love these tables, which are large enough to seat up to 12 people facing each other. Due to their construction, they settle into the terrain, and turn any area into an outdoor relaxation or teaching zone. Specifications Long life, weather proof, vandal resistant Steel galvanised frames & modwood planks 2400 x 2400 … Continue reading Spring Into The Outdoors

Tennis court seating

The contemporary seat designed at Alltek is proving to be very popular. The sled base enables the chair to sit above the ground and not damage the surface. Armrests and a high backrest ensure comfort A contemporary design combined with black steel and grey silver gum planks ensures the seat will remain popular for many years. Modwood is made in Australia using recycled milk bottles … Continue reading Tennis court seating

Custom benches

Heavy-duty steel framed benches, tops and locking castor wheels – set off in a bright powder coat yellow. At Alltek we have the ability to customize tables for our clients, made right here in Melbourne using locally sourced materials and inputs, our clients have lower wait times, better design, superior construction and lower the impact on the environment by coming to a local Australian company. … Continue reading Custom benches