Library reception

A local girls school was looking to refit their library – Starting with the reception at the entrance. Alltek was able to work with the school staff and customise a huge desk space with open and closed storage. We even incorporated a book-drop hole in the desk for “speedy returns”. A folding ‘draw bridge’ entrance/exit for the staff enclosed the space neatly and entended their … Continue reading Library reception

Custom one piece setting

A brand new vertical school in Melbourne has stunning balcony spaces for students to relax during breaks. But the furniture available for the school wasn’t the right fit, so Alltek came in and designed some customised outdoor steel frames – one-piece settings – consisting of benches and tables. The contemporary-looking pieces have been really well accepted and with the extra weight, they will not move … Continue reading Custom one piece setting

Classroom entrance makeover

A rejuvenation was in order and requested at this primary school where the old timber staircases had run their course. So before anything became unsafe, Alltek was asked to make some improvements. Our factory backed onsite service has helped hundreds of schools, colleges, kinders, clubs and community spaces. Having the ability to measure up and manufacture, then install puts Alltek in another grade when it … Continue reading Classroom entrance makeover

Primary school bagholders

Everyone is always looking for more storage, and today we are seeing a move away from traditional bag hooks for primary students to a locker type space for their bags to stow during the day. Alltek have supplied hundreds of large secondary school lockers which have steel frames and padlock access. But we also supply office fit-out for commercial use, businesses, school staff rooms and … Continue reading Primary school bagholders

Built in student break time seating

Modwood panels on a steel frame make this built-in seating spot easy to manage with zero maintenance for the school and an eco-edge as the Modwood is made in Australia using recycled milk bottles then mixed with pine resin to produce a long-lasting timber like decking or seating. Ideal for Australian outdoor conditions with high temperatures and rain, hail and frost as we have in … Continue reading Built in student break time seating

Box seating and benches for reclaimed space

This garden was converted into additional lunch and recess breaks time for the students in the summer months, being shaded by buildings. Alltek fitting the space with stairs and seating. Inground steel frames with modwood planks to finish off the design, is simple, but will get lot’s of use. Modwood is made in Australia using recycled milk bottles then mixed with pine resin to produce … Continue reading Box seating and benches for reclaimed space

Sports field bleachers

Tasked with helping the school to increase viewing for parents and students alongside their athletics field, Alltek created a low bleacher seat and some basic raised boxes. All with steel framework and modwood planks to ensure longevity and low maintenance – but also safety for those using the bleachers and this also gives the school an environmental consideration. As this was made in Australia and … Continue reading Sports field bleachers