Replas bench on a budget

Alltek continues to strengthen our partnership with Replas, and in doing so highlight the appeal of sustainable and environmentally friendly outdoor furniture. Alltek has developed a number of customised furniture items using Replas along with expanding the Replas contemporary range of products that prove to be very popular with schools and communities. A number of larger picnic settings and tables have taken the limelight recently … Continue reading Replas bench on a budget

Storage solutions for offices, schools and library fitout

Alltek can also help with storage for an office or school. As workplaces evolve and grow, shelving and cabinetry does too. Often to stay in keeping with existing new furniture. Alltek manufactures student lockers in various banks and sizes with steel frames to ensure security and longevity     Alltek can make onsite visits to measure up spaces and discuss options, plus deliver and install … Continue reading Storage solutions for offices, schools and library fitout

Versatility in education starts with the furniture

Classrooms need to be fit for purpose depending on the activity and subject. Science benches are a prime example, just like kindergarten height tables or chairs for the little ones won’t suit everyone. Today, many educators wish to shift rooms to suit different applications. Dividing a classroom into groups of six for team projects or splitting the class into two for breakout sessions means tables … Continue reading Versatility in education starts with the furniture

When we do tailored to suit, the results are customised to perfection

Being a local producer means exactly that, we can supply schools with the run of the mill tables and chairs until the cows come home, but the difference is sometimes how Alltek can turn around a table frame and top to meet the client’s vision. It might be matching an older item to a new one, or something from a magazine or just an idea … Continue reading When we do tailored to suit, the results are customised to perfection

Kindergarten furniture

Our capabilities at Alltek cover all furniture manufacture in particular education, which ranges from classroom, teacher desks, library, science lab specialist benches, outdoor furniture and seating, reception and staff rooms, art rooms and whiteboard writeable tables, we make woodwork benches, storage, exam tables, stackable chairs and for the little ones bright coloured in all shapes and sizes. This bullnose child-friendly tabletop is ideal for smaller … Continue reading Kindergarten furniture

Direct installation – Staffroom Refit

A South Yarra Kindergarten asked Alltek to redesign and refurbish their growing staff room, which was also part of the staff office and workspaces, plus the teachers meeting and lunch room, see before images…. Alltek provided the redesign, increasing the wrap-around built-in desk space for six, moved the secure cupboards to wall hung spaces and provided new bar height mobile tables with comfortable upholstered seating … Continue reading Direct installation – Staffroom Refit

Direct Installation – Reception & staff office

It’s not always the students who wear out their classroom furniture………. every so often the teaching and office staff need a new look. Alltek can facilitate, design, supply and install through our ‘direct service’ and even help with small building projects. With nearly 30 years of experience in the education sector, we have run up hundreds of installation projects, where schools have needed works and … Continue reading Direct Installation – Reception & staff office

Helping those in need – Recycling Australian classroom furniture

With the help of schools in Melbourne, Alltek Industries facilitates the collection of classroom furniture that is recycled for great things. The Katalyst Foundation will use this at schools in Fiji. This enables Fijian schools to provide learning spaces where they might otherwise be seating on the floor. Our Australian kids take it for granted. Sitting upright with a table to read, write, create, listen … Continue reading Helping those in need – Recycling Australian classroom furniture

Alltek installation services

As part of the full service, Alltek will measure, produce and install. After nearly 30 years of service to education, community, sports grounds, commercial businesses, construction and through partnerships we hold, Alltek is hailed in their onsite bespoke built-in application for furniture, safety accessories and gates and fencing. Alltek can deliver a team to safely and timely deliver your next project that requires a specialist, … Continue reading Alltek installation services

Bespoke built-in bench seat replaces a relic on Court One

As part of a wonderful grounds upgrade project, Alltek was tasked with replacing the courtside seating at a Melbourne sports institution. This includes a fixed wall hung bench that presides over show court No.1. The existing seat was anchored into the huge retaining wall with a rotting timber slat seat and rusted steel frame that has been there for 50+ years. In order to maintain … Continue reading Bespoke built-in bench seat replaces a relic on Court One