Custom one piece setting

A brand new vertical school in Melbourne has stunning balcony spaces for students to relax during breaks. But the furniture available for the school wasn’t the right fit, so Alltek came in and designed some customised outdoor steel frames – one-piece settings – consisting of benches and tables.

The contemporary-looking pieces have been really well accepted and with the extra weight, they will not move during heavy wind. On top of this Alltek used Modwood planks to finish the furniture. This adds an environmental appeal to the products, not only are they made in Melbourne, they haven’t been transported around the world before arriving and Modwood is a recycled faux wood.

Modwood is made in Australia using recycled milk bottles then mixed with pine resin to produce a long-lasting timber like decking or seating. Ideal for Australian outdoor conditions with high temperatures and rain, hail and frost as we have in Melbourne’s winter. The Modwood never changes much, unlike wood that will warp, twist, splinter, and change colour. This never needs much upkeep and will never need to be painted. Save on future maintenance.

If you have any questions or queries about making up a specialised built-in or free-standing setting, either using timbers, Replas or Modwood please contact Alltek. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at our prices and the wait time.