Meeting booth

Various meeting-Pod designs are available. These are a great addition for any office, school or institution either for learning or business get togethers. The booth-designed seating is ideal for open plan or hallway spaces, offering staff or students a place to rest up, meet in, lunch or study in a group. With options in sizes and colour we can fix these into a place or leave them loose for flexibility. The booth design is exclusive to Alltek Made in Australia of robust materials, design and longevity assured. To learn more and pricing


Meeting-pod or booths is a great addition.

For indoor usage – often filling hallways or nooks around a school or office these welcome breakout spaces can provide that bit of privacy needed.

Proving very popular in our high school and primary school range, but also desired for businesses with open plan office spaces or receptions.

They’re available in a range of colours and sizes.

Finished with a hardwearing fabric or marine carpet to reduce damage and ensure a longer life.

A great place for the kids to kick back and unwind.

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