Reduced transport is a win for our environment

Alltek is always seeking to improve our ESG output.

By packaging our tables for onsite assembly we reduce the space they require in transport. Shown in this post is the size of these outdoor table settings, they seat 12 around them pretty comfortably. But when they are delivered to our customers we are limited to very large transport options. Cleverly we have designed a ‘click together’ assembly, which only takes a few minutes and best of all they can be transported in smaller bundles rather than as a whole.

To add further to the ESG gains, we make this product using Modwood planks, which is manufactured locally from plastic milk bottles collected curbside. On top of this, we have superior manufacturing processes that ensure an extra-long life expectancy, being robust, handmade using galvanised Australian steel and best of all Modwood requires zero maintenance… that’s right, no painting, oiling, sanding, it doesn’t warp or splinter like a timber alternative, so it’s ideal for hard wearing outdoor, Aussie climates!



Modwood colour range, above.