Versatility in education starts with the furniture

Classrooms need to be fit for purpose depending on the activity and subject. Science benches are a prime example, just like kindergarten height tables or chairs for the little ones won’t suit everyone.

Today, many educators wish to shift rooms to suit different applications. Dividing a classroom into groups of six for team projects or splitting the class into two for breakout sessions means tables need to be mobile and adaptable. The Bite or Chomp top tables are fast becoming a regular all over Australia.

We have all types of shapes and sizes to suit any needs, bright colours, different coloured edging and castor wheels to make the rearranging easy no fuss.

Call Alltek and we can discuss pricing and lead times. With 30 years experience in producing education furniture for Australian Schools, using the best practices, superior construction means longer life, better environmental outcomes and as Australia’s leading education manufacturer you’re lowering transit pollution by buying local. Australian Made.