Alltek makes a sustainability difference

Alltek seeks to reduce the environmental impact of our day-to-day operations.

Between the busy factory, office and freight movement smarts we’re altering small habits, making a big difference.

In attending the Australian Furniture Associate (AFA) Sustainable Procurement workshop day in August we (as an industry) demonstrated the improvements that can be introduced and the benefits we as Australian manufacturers are currently achieving. More here from AFA

Switching off equipment & machinery at knockoff, recycling offcuts, and improving outdated designs – such as welding without the need to grind off has a positive impact on the emissions – any of these will be better for our environment and future – are just a snippet of our efforts.

life expectancy of our output is backed with warranties that gurantee the workman ship of our education table frames.

One immediate impact that is easy to translate has been reduced transit pollutants.

In comparison to an imported alternative local production is miles ahead……………… and then if you consider that imported products may have been exported from Australia as iron ore and then returned as a finished article (road – rail – sea) and back again!

This translates well into the education side of our business as a message all decision-makers can undertake in their procurement role.

On top of the importance of supporting Australian manufacturers who have far more stringent safety measures, better workplaces, less wastage so less groundfill and far, far less emissions.

By buying Australian you are supporting local employment, the future! And it is far beyond just the businesses they are dealing with.

One company might be employing 20 staff in powder coating alone, another company makes the table tops, another makes the steel tube for a table frame then another cuts and welds it together. In all you could have 1000+ jobs reliant on supplying local schools with furniture.

One thousand jobs impacts 1,000 households, which could be 4,000 Australian mouths to feed!!!!

Passing these habits through a business gets staff thinking about their home impact and our customers and suppliers take notice.

We have been recycling steel for decades – this has now evolved to plastics and our ability to produce furniture with recycled plastics, community and schools are end users who then send the message through their students and residents. It’s all about the circular economy.