Custom tables

Alltek is capable of manufacturing any steel table frame, bench table for art or science labs – classroom furniture and office or meeting, we make outdoor picnic and playgrounds tables and seating also. We have in-house design and engineering along with 30 years of experience to call on we will deliver the right frame, fit for purpose, made to last and look great year after year. We can provide the right advice, be it, adding adjustable feet, or castors, metal finishes, or powder coating. To start the process send a message here. We are here to help and consult, we can even visit your site if needed, with experience in supplying built-in made-to-measure on occasion, we are the go-to table and bench frame producer in Australia. Why chance it??? Get it right the first time with speedy delivery, shop drawings and 3D rendering for peace of mind and a great price.


Art, science, and woodworking rooms require specialized furniture, especially tables and benches.

Alltek can tailor-make these benches for you to meet your needs, Learn more about unusual tables

Tables and workbenches for your students and staff.

Call Alltek for some ideas or browse the web, what height do you need?

How long and wide, would a shelf under the table top help?

What about castor wheels?

Would it be better if the legs were thicker than a normal table frame?

For a science room, we often use special tops that can be moisture-resistant and chemical proof.

Woodwork benches can also vary in shape, purpose, and the number of pupils who can be at one table.

Fill in the form and we’ll be in touch with pricing and timing

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