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Alltek specialises in making outdoor furniture for schools and community spaces. This furniture must be strong, robust, fit for purpose, attractive and survive the harsh Australian conditions. The learn more & pricing

Having tried and tested over many years, the outdoor range has a long list of satisfied customers, from state schools to colleges, community council parks, state parks & forests, restaurants and cafes and huge hospitality venues, pubs and private sports clubs.

The most effective form of sustainability is making a product that lasts. With this in mind, we always use the best construction, powder coating and finishing processes to ensure longevity. Combined with timber or composite planks to finish off.

We are using recycled composite and fully recycled materials more and more. The plastics that go into a recycled baton is collected from household waste, so it is redirected from landfill which is a wonderful initiative in itself. One we are very keen to explore and encourage whenever a client is happy to support.

Recycled soft plastics @Replas are collected from supermarkets in Australia, ranging from chip packets to biscuit wrappers or similar that will usually end up in landfill. Today it is given a second life as super strong, maintenance-free batons. What a great application as it can be as a seat or park bench, a table or fence railing, fence screening, bollards and car parking surrounds.

Another product @Modwood – recycling plastic milk containers that are collected from our home’s curbside waste and pine resin are combined to create a very durable woodlike decking that we use as table tops, seats and benches for outdoor and school grounds. This is also maintenance-free and looks great.

With the low maintenance of these products, that don’t splinter or chip, they do not require sanding with age followed by painting or oiling every year as so many maintenance men spend their time. This adds another sustainable tick to the list for our range of Outdoor products. We want to promote @greengains, and these are the perfect means to do it.

On top of this, all these components are Australian Made, reducing transit pollutants compared to imported items, which often become a dangerous risk and need replacing within the first year.



A great range of robust outdoor furniture made in Melbourne to sustain the school-yard conditions and the tough Australian sun, wind and rain.

The choice of many schools our outdoor range is not only great for relaxing, socialising and taking lunch breaks around. But with classrooms being less formal today we see breakouts and lessons being held around our furniture.

Designed to be durable and tough specifically for outdoor conditions, this galvanised frame will last for decades and the Modwood planks will never warp, splinter, or need painting in their lifetime.

They require no maintenance – this combined with the Modwood structure makes it a popular sustainable option.  Modwood is made in Australia using recycled Milk containers – from household curbside collections and combined with a pine resin to create a timber-looking plank, that is ideal for furniture. Available in four colours and three different sizes we have had great feedback and amazing results with this range.

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Added to this we have bench seats with Modwood decking and seating and tables constructed using Replas profiles REPLAS. The Alpine setting is a large one-piece setting for outdoor use can be bolted into the floor or built-in if required. These are also a big tick for the environment, being manufactured entirely in Melbourne using Recycled plastic collected from supermarkets. Each setting diverts around 180kgs of soft plastics from landfill, this is approximately 12,000 pieces of waste.

The three-piece setting – table and two bench seats also steel frame with Modwood decking. This is available as just the seats if required and goes well with the Tennis court seat with armrests.

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