Ask for Alltek

In a recent conversation with the Australasian Furnishing Association, the Local Jobs First policy was referenced due to its significance in Govt funded procurement at Australian state schools.

More than ever it is imperative to support Australian manufacturers.

Decision-makers can make a monumental difference, they can literally shape the future!     

Economic growth, traineeships and jobs all depend on sales. So we are striving for your support. This is not only an economic benefit to Australia but it’s an environmental green gain with high ESG standards, safer production practices, lower emissions, recycling processes & purposes, a superior product that lasts longer and reduced transit emissions.

In fact, transit emissions are a twofold gain by buying local. In many import instances, iron ore is shipped abroad from Australia only to be returned to Australia, as a finished product, compared to our products made here using locally sourced inputs.

Doesn’t it all make sense, especially in the instances of state-funded procurement?

We ask you to Ask for Alltek.