Bespoke built-in bench seat replaces a relic on Court One

As part of a wonderful grounds upgrade project, Alltek was tasked with replacing the courtside seating at a Melbourne sports institution. This includes a fixed wall hung bench that presides over show court No.1. The existing seat was anchored into the huge retaining wall with a rotting timber slat seat and rusted steel frame that has been there for 50+ years.

In order to maintain the theme and follow the courtside free-standing bench style also designed and made at Alltek, we once again chose Modwood planks. These are made using recycled plastic Milk bottles and pine resin in NSW. They require zero maintenance, never warp, splinter, change colour or soak with water. But, they look great and are comfortable.

Alltek customised a steel frame and system to hang from the brick wall, complete with an adjustment tweak to assist with levels and heights as the wall itself leans away as it climbs. Making the install tricky.

The result is ‘spot on’, being comfortable, durable, attractive, it matches the other new seats, continues with the black theme throughout the grounds and the grey matches the new stone pathways.

This is a 100% Australian Made product, using recycled and sustainable produce from our local workforce, including engineers, designers, Autocad drafting, welders, steel bending, laser-cut components and installation team, who go onsite and make all this come together.