Landscape takes shape with REPLAS sheeting

A landfill site in Melbourne’s east evolves after Alltek and Replas collaboration.

In screening the landfill protrusions on this relatively bland parcel of land, the flattened landscape now has eye-catching native designs on screens forming encasement cylinders.

The screens are produced from 98% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled plastics made in Melbourne with Victorian waste collected by CleanAway.

With today’s technology in recycling and changes to our own consumer behaviour, we can divert waste from ending up in landfill or being burnt off.

Replas creates school & community furniture, gym and play equipment, artistic structures, public infrastructure and even walkways from post consumer soft plastics which are collected at Woolworths and Coles stores through the REDcycle program.

Giving the site a facelift leaves passers-by with a better feeling towards the land and a talking point in the community. That we can divert more plastic from ending up in landfill sites like this one.

This was an entirely Australian Made, designed, and produced project, from all materials and waste collection through to the steel used for framing.