The secret to superb mobiles

A rethink provides the best outcome for users and Alltek’s production.

In supplying classroom, hospitality, and healthcare furniture for 30 years it is no surprise we have introduced some big improvements in design during this time.

Improvement is usually for the betterment of our customers and the end users, but sometimes we can also improve our own manufacturing process.

Our desire in this instance was to improve a production process that intern removes costs, reduces waste/power/resource andĀ  improve safety and handling lowering freight costs. All these will help with @greengains and better the environment by reducing our production footprint and pass on a saving to our clients.

Our latest design improvement saves energy, welding time and is guaranteed to make the table last longer through it’s life…. so it could be referred to as yet another ‘Green Gain!!!

Versatility first and foremost, tables on castor wheels are becoming more and more standard as educators require flexibility, See more. Moving a classroom around on a carpeted floor using swivel wheels isn’t an issue, but rolling it down a hallway or across a courtyard over a gutter and the odd student taking it for a joyride, god forbid, can be disastrous for the life of our poor table frame and the joints holding the castor to the leg are often the innocent victim!

Over the years we have trialed various solutions, from expanding plastic inserts, steel springs, aluminum inserts, glued inserts, and our preferred welded insert that sits flush on the end of the table leg (pictured) which is very durable, but time-consuming to manufacture and can cause discrepancies in the table leg lengths.

Alas!! A rethink has delivered us with a better, stronger insert that also allows the castor wheels to mount and sit more surely at the end of the leg!

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